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Create Fire Risk Assessment Reports with the Flow Mobile App

Paul King
March 14, 2023

🧯 Are you looking for a way to create fire risk assessment reports quickly and accurately?

Our new Fire Risk Assessment template for Flow Mobile Surveying lets you collect risk and hazard data on-site using your Android or iOS phone or tablet, then create Fire Risk Assessment reports that follow the UK's PAS 79 standard in minutes.

View a fire risk assessment report created using the Flow Mobile Surveying app

Why are Fire Risk Assessments important?

Fire Risk Assessments are an essential process for ensuring that any building, whether commercial or residential, is safe and secure for its occupants.

These assessments identify potential hazards, evaluate the level of risk, and recommend actions to reduce the risk of a fire. The assessments are crucial in keeping people safe, and they are a legal requirement for all non-domestic properties in the UK.

Our PAS 79 Fire Risk Assessment App

The UK has strict guidelines for fire risk assessments, and the UK PAS 79 standard is considered the gold standard for assessing fire risks.

The PAS 79 standard provides detailed guidance on how to carry out a fire risk assessment, and it is widely used in the UK by fire risk assessors. So it made sense for us to follow this standard when creating our fire risk assessment app.

Our surveying app uses "templates" for data collection. So we've released a new template on the the Flow Mobile Surveying app that follows the guidelines laid out in the original UK PAS 79 standard.

Of course, we understand that the compliance industry changes constantly, and we're not the true experts, you are!

That's why we've made this template as flexible as possible; you can input your own risks and hazards, allowing you to stay up to date with the most relevant standards and follow your own working practices.

Quick Fills and Presets make data entry fast and accurate

The new template for Fire Risk Assessments in our Flow Mobile Surveying app includes several time-saving features that will help speed up your surveying and reporting process.

These features include Quick Fills and Presets. Quick Fills are pre-populated answers to common questions, which can be easily inserted into the assessment report. Presets can be used to automatically create multiple hazards in one go — the first time you see the Mobile App create 110 hazards at once is a jaw dropping moment!

How to use the Fire Risk Assessment Template in the Flow Mobile Surveying app

To use the new Fire Risk Assessment Template in the Flow Mobile Surveying app, fire risk assessors just need to contact us and schedule an online demo.

During the online demo, we'll guide assessors through the process of carrying out the assessment, and how to answer relevant questions based on the UK's PAS 79 standard.

Immediately after the demo, we'll set you up with a test account using your company branding. You can download the Mobile App from the App Store or Google Play Store and create a fire risk assessment in a matter of minutes. We usually suggest surveying your house or office to get a feel for the Mobile App.

Benefits of using the Flow Mobile Surveying app for Fire Risk Assessments

The new Fire Risk Assessment Template in the Flow Mobile Surveying app offers several benefits to fire risk assessors — ultimately it will save you report writing time to focus on what matters the most.

Firstly, it saves time by automating the process of carrying out assessments and producing reports. Any fire risk assessor that has previously used Microsoft Word for their reporting will know it can take many hours or days to create reports manually.

Secondly, using our app — and setting it up to follow the precise standards you use — ensures that your assessments are carried out in a consistent way, every time, whether that's following the guidelines set out in the UK PAS 79 standard or other tried and tested methods.

Finally, it provides reassurance to your clients, the building owners and occupants that their safety is being taken seriously.

Wrapping up

Fire Risk Assessments are essential for keeping people safe in commercial and residential buildings.

The new Fire Risk Assessment Template in the Flow Mobile Surveying app follows the UK PAS 79 standard and offers several time-saving features. By using the app, fire risk assessors can carry out assessments to the highest standards while saving time and providing reassurance to building owners and occupants.

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