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Archiving a Job is similar to moving files from your PC to the Recycle Bin.

Archived Jobs are hidden from sight but not deleted, so you can restore the Archived Job later if required.

When should you archive a job?

Here are some everyday situations when you may want to archive a Job:

  • You created the Job in error.
  • Your client cancelled the Job.
  • The Job never actually took place.
Note: If you completed a job successfully, don't archive it. Instead, you should mark all the pipeline stages as complete.

How to archive a job

1. Navigate to the Jobs List on the Dashboard.

2. Locate the Job you want to archive and click Edit Job.

3. Click the Archive Job icon (dustbin) in the top right corner.

Archive jobs to remove them from view

Viewing archived jobs

Remember I said that Archived Jobs are hidden from view but not deleted? You can use the Archived Jobs filter in the jobs list to make these jobs visible again.

Archived Jobs will display red text to indicate their archived status.

Filtering the jobs list by archived jobs