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Archiving a report is similar to moving files from your PC to the Recycle Bin.

We hide archived reports from sight but don't delete them, so you can restore the archived reports later if required.

When should you archive a report?

Here are some everyday situations when you may want to archive a report:

  • You created the report by mistake.
  • A more recent report has superseded this report.

How to archive reports

1. Log in to the Dashboard.

2. Navigate to the report you want to archive.

3. Click on the Edit Report button.

4. Click the Archive icon.

The report will turn red to indicate its archived status.

Archiving a report
Archiving a report

Viewing archived reports

Remember I said that archived reports are hidden from view and not deleted? You can easily view any archived reports by checking the Show Archived Reports checkbox.

Note: Archived reports are red, indicating their archived status.

Viewing archived reports
View archived reports

Restoring archived reports

Archived a report by accident?

Well, luckily for you, the report is only archived not deleted. You can easily restore it to its former state.

Learn more about restoring archived reports