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You can block users if you want to restrict their access permanently.

⚠️WARNING: When blocking users, any unsynced data on their mobile device will be permanently lost!

Unsure whether there's any unsynced data? A safer option is to remove the user's Mobile and Dashboard access instead (as this will still allow data sync).

Why block users?

There are a few reasons why you may want to block user access:

  • Prevent former employees from updating reports.
  • Prevent former employees from accessing your client information.
  • To free up a license for someone else.

When might you block users?

  • An employee has left your company.
  • An employee changed roles and no longer needs access.
  • A subcontractor whose project has ended.

How to block a user

Note: When blocking a user, we recommend you don't alter their access permissions. It'll make things easier if you decide to unblock them in the future.

1. Navigate to the Users page.

2. Select the user you want to block.

3. Click on the Actions icon (3 dots) in the top right.

4. Click Block User.

5. Click OK on the confirmation screen.

Blocking a user prevents them from accessing the Flow Mobile Surveying Dashboard and Mobile App
Blocking a user to remove their access

6. The user is now blocked from accessing your company.