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Mastering Flow Mobile

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There are three permissions you can grant to your users: Admin, Dashboard, and Mobile.

You can change user permissions from the user management screen
The User Management screen

User access levels and permissions

The permissions for each access level are as follows:

Admin Users:

Administrators have the highest level of access, so be selective about who you give this permission. Users with Admin permission can access the following features:

Note: These features require Dashboard access. Admin users are automatically granted Dashboard access too.

Dashboard Users:

Users with Dashboard access can carry out office-based tasks like scheduling jobs, completing quality control checks, and creating reports. They can:

Mobile Users:

Users with Mobile access can collect survey data on-site using the Flow Mobile Surveying App on their mobile phone or tablet device.

Note: Only users with Mobile access require a licence. Read more.

What is the "primary" user?

Good spot, eagle eyes!

The primary user is the person we would contact in case we need to query your account.