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Mastering Flow Mobile

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Before you head out on-site, it's a good idea to schedule a job within the dashboard.

Note: You can also Create Draft Jobs on the Mobile App if you forget to schedule a job

The job contains all of the information about the client, project, and site.

How to create a new job:

1. Log in to the Dashboard.

2. Navigate to the Jobs List.

3. On the jobs list, select Create Job.

4. Enter the job details.

5. Save the job.

Job Details:

The list below describes the purpose of each field

  • Client
    The client who has contracted you for work
  • Project
    Allows you to group jobs together
  • Address
    The site address of the job
  • Coordinates
    The exact location of the address on a map
  • UPRN
    Unique Property Reference Number
  • Pipeline
    Track the status of your jobs
  • Value
    Useful for bookkeeping
  • Notes
    Private notes for surveyors onsite
  • Site Work
    The date on which site work will take place
  • Assigned to
    To access the job via the app the correct surveyor(s) must be assigned
  • Due Date
    The date the report is due to be handed over to the client