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Mastering Flow Mobile

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Users with Admin access can easily view and download invoices as PDF files from the dashboard.

How to download your invoices

1. Log in to the Dashboard.

2. On the navigation bar, click on Billing.

💡 The Billing page is only available to 'Admin' users. Learn more about User Permissions.
Access the billing page via the dashboard menu, highlighted here
Click the 'Billing' button to view billing page.

3. On your Billing page, click on View Invoices.

4. Locate the required invoice in the Invoice History section.

💡 Click View more to see older invoices

5. Click the open icon next to the invoice you want to print.

Open and download invoices via the Invoice History

6. Click Download Invoice to download your invoice as a PDF file.

Your PDF invoice will be downloaded to the /downloads folder on your computer.

💡 Tax details will be included where appropriate, depending on your country.