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Are you experiencing unexpected behaviour on the Dashboard or the Mobile App?

It could be that one of our services is down, so check the System Status page before raising a support request.

What does the System Status show?

The System Status shows you the real-time status of any third-party services used by Flow Mobile Surveying.

Our software stands on the shoulders of well-established software products. But one of these industry giants may have a temporary outage from time to time.

When one of these services is down, you might experience:

  • Images not loading.
  • Documents not generating.
  • The search not working correctly.
  • Unexpected behaviour.

How to view the System Status

Log in to the Dashboard, then hover over the System Status icon in the navigation bar.

Service Statuses

A GREY Heart -
means everything is ok!

When all third party services are working, the System Status icon will show a grey heart.

An ORANGE Heart -
means there is one or more system with reduced performance

Some tasks may take longer, such as loading jobs, or images on reports but you should still be able to use the system.

A RED Heart -
means there is one or more system that is down/offline

Note: In this situation, you don't need to let us know. Some clever software developers in Silicon Valley will be having a bad day, and working on a fix. So please be patient.

View a detailed breakdown

To view a more detailed breakdown of each service, click the System Status button.