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Mastering Flow Mobile

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Are you using Flow Mobile Surveying for the first time?

We recommend carrying out a dummy survey of your home or office to understand how the app works before starting a real job.

Follow these steps to create your first reports:

Step 1 - Schedule a Job

1. Log in to the Dashboard.

2. Create a Job.

3. Set Site Work to 'today'

4. Select your user in the 'Assigned To' field

Step 2 - Collect Data On-site

How you collect data on the mobile app will depend on your template.

Check out our Walkthrough Guides to see how to collect data on your template type.

Step 3 - Preview and Print your First Report

1. Log into the Dashboard.

2. Preview your Report.

3. Download Your Report as a PDF.

Great work, you've created your first report using Flow Mobile Surveying!

To continue learning about Flow, check out other guides in our knowledge Base.