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Pipelines let you track the status of your jobs so that you can manage your workload effectively.

Once you've marked all stages of a job as "complete", Flow will remove the job from your "incomplete" list.

Here's the default 'Asbestos Surveys' pipeline with five stages:

But what if you want to track different information?

  • Have you sent a quote?
  • Have you invoiced the client?
  • Have you imported data into a 3rd party system?

With pipelines, tracking this information is easy; we can just add another stage for you. One of the powerful things about pipelines is that we can customise them to your workflow.

Example of a customised pipeline:

Here's the 'Asbestos Surveys' pipeline, but now it's been customised and has six stages instead of five. We've added a new Invoiced stage to track whether the job has been invoiced:

How to customise pipeline stages:

Only the Flow support team can customise pipelines. You'll need to:

1. Raise a Support Ticket.

2. Tell us what stages you want to add or remove.

Can statuses be customised?

There are four possible statuses for each stage;

Unlike stages, statuses are not customisable.

But we've used sensible options, so you shouldn't need to change them.