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Pipelines let you track your jobs' status so you can manage your workload effectively. Once you've marked all job stages as 'complete', we remove the job from view, so you can focus on any current jobs.

Here's the default 'Asbestos Surveys' pipeline with five stages:

But what if you want to track different information than the default stages? That's OK; we can customise pipelines to match your workflow by adding or removing pipeline stages.

Customised pipeline example

Here's a customised version of the 'Asbestos Surveys' pipeline, but it has six stages instead of the usual five. We've added a new stage to track whether you've invoiced your client for this job.

How to customise your pipelines

Currently, only the Flow team can customise pipelines. So if you want any changes, you'll need to:

1. Raise a Support Ticket.

2. Tell us what stages you want to add or remove.

Can statuses be customised?

There are four possible statuses for each stage:

Unlike stages, statuses are not customisable.

But we've used sensible options, so you shouldn't need to change them.