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Did Professor Plum survey the Candlestick in the Billiard Room? The Inline Audit will give you the answers. It's a helpful sanity-check that lets you see who made the most recent change and when.

Note: Unlike the Full Audit —which is only accessible to administrators— everyone can see who last updated an item via the Inline Audit. 

Viewing the Inline Audit

The Inline Audit is visible within any section with multiple items in the dashboard. Here's an example from an asbestos survey. You can see that Paul King last updated this inspection record on 15th June 2023 at 11:35.

The inline audit feature lets you see changes to inspection in the Flow Mobile Surveying browser-based dashboard
The Inline Audit shows who last changed an item and when.

The user avatar indicates who last changed the item —when you hover over this avatar, a tooltip will appear, showing when they made the change. Any change to the record, regardless of how small, will cause the inline audit and tooltip to be updated.

Click the avatar to view the Full Audit

Users with access to the Full Audit may click the user avatar to see a full history of the specific item.

Click the avatar on the inline audit to view a full audit history for the inspection item
Access the Full Audit by clicking the user avatar on the Inline Audit.