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Mastering Flow Mobile

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You can mark items for review on the Dashboard to indicate to users that some additional investigation or actions are required.

Highlighting is shown on the Dashboard and the Mobile App, so marking items is an excellent way to draw a surveyor's attention to specific items of interest while on-site.

How to mark items for review

To mark an item for review on the Dashboard simply click on the 'Marked for review' indicator. This column is permanently pinned, so it can be accessed even if you scroll to the right.

Toggling the state of the 'Marked for review' indicator updates the Mobile App in real-time as shown in the clip below.

Note: Items can be marked and unmarked manually on the Dashboard. To unmark an item on the Mobile App, the item must be opened and saved. Learn more about highlighted items.

Unmarking items

To unmark a highlighted item, click the 'Marked for review' indicator and it will turn grey so you know the highlighting is removed.