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Payments can fail for many reasons including incorrect bank details or lack of funds. In these cases, you may end up with an outstanding invoice which can affect your continued use of the software.

Note: It's important to pay outstanding invoices to prevent your account being downgraded and causing any disruption to your reporting operations.

How to pay outstanding invoices

1. Log into the Dashboard.

2. Click on Billing.

Billing button highlighted
Click the 'Billing' button to view billing page.

3. Select View Invoices.

4. Find the outstanding invoice.

Note: The failed invoice will usually have a red badge with the word "Failed".

5. Select the View Invoice Icon.

6. Complete the payment form.

Note: Once we've collected the payment, the invoice status will change from 'failed' to 'paid'.

Preventing future issues

Now you know how to pay any outstanding invoices. But you'll need to fix the root cause of the failed payment to prevent future issues.

If the payment failed due to incorrect payment details you can update your payment details to ensure the next payment works ok.

Note: Customers who pay by Purchase Order & Invoice rather than Credit Card / Direct Debit must pay all invoices manually as payments are not taken automatically.