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When Creating a Job, you can optionally include notes. Job Notes aren't required, but can be a useful way to communicate general or private job details to your ground team.

Here are some examples of notes you might include:

  • Job Type - e.g. "Management Survey".
  • Job Details - e.g. "Only the first floor of the building".
  • Access Instructions - e.g. "Keys in lockbox, code 1234".
  • Instructions for the inspector - e.g. "Make sure you check Artex ceilings".

Or a combination of these:

Who can see job notes?

Only your team can view job notes.

Your clients can't see them.

Where are notes shown within the dashboard?

You can see job notes when viewing or editing a job:

Where are notes visible within the mobile app?

You can view notes from the jobs list by tapping View Job Note.

Tap OK to close the Job Note

Notes are also visible when viewing an individual job:


It's good practice to use the notes field to store important information about the job.

The notes field is flexible and:

  • Private from clients.
  • Visible on the mobile app.
  • Easily updatable.