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Diversifying Your Services

You'll reach a plateau at various times during your growth as you butt up against local market saturation. There's only a finite amount of work to go around, after all.

If your growth has stalled, it may be a good time to expand your services. You have two options; 1) Expand to offer new services within the asbestos industry, or 2) Expand into another compliance industry.

  • Over 60% of asbestos professionals have already diversified into non-asbestos services
    Fire risk assessments and legionella inspections are popular side hustles for asbestos surveyors, But lead paint inspections are the most frequently-offered service. [1]
  • Upsell other asbestos-related services to kick-start company growth
    Small companies pack a punch by specialising and protecting their time. But as you get bigger, you can offer additional services like Asbestos Management Plans, Consultancy, and Training to kick-start further growth.
  • Expand into more compliance industries to widen your client net
    Lead paint, Legionella, and Fire Safety are three industries that asbestos professionals often expand into. But there are lots of other compliance industries like Mould, Anthrax, and Marine, to name a few.
  • Cross-train your surveyors to do more on-site with the same resources
    Growing your business doesn't always mean hiring more staff. Consider cross-training your existing workforce. The training costs may be high but if you retain these staff for several years, they'll be worth their weight in gold.

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