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The jobs list can be filtered by Pipeline, Status, or Search criteria to make it easy to find the job you're looking for.

Filter by Pipeline

By default, the Jobs list shows jobs across all pipelines. If you want to see jobs relating to a specific pipeline click on the pipeline filter and select the relevant option.

Note: The contents of the pipeline filter differ between companies. If you'd like additional pipelines adding read more in our dedicated guide.

Filter by Job Status

Only incomplete jobs are displayed on the default Dashboard view. Incomplete jobs are defined as having one or more pipeline stage not marked as complete. Using the status filter you can easily view  jobs with specific statuses.

Filter by Pipeline And Status

Filtering the jobs list by pipeline first expands the options available in the status drop down. As shown below, the status list now includes each stage of the Asbestos Survey pipeline, enabling the list to show all jobs at a specific stage.

Note: Filtering by pipeline and/or status can obscure search results if used together. Learn more about Searching Jobs.