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Mastering Flow Mobile

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You will regularly need to search for jobs.

Whether checking previous reports for clients or completing a re-inspection, our powerful search features will help you find the job you're looking for.

How to search for jobs:

1. Log into the Dashboard.

2. Type your search query into the "Search" box on the jobs list.

3. As you type, Flow will filter the jobs instantly.

The Job search is very powerful. It looks at the following fields:

  • Job ID
  • Client
  • Project
  • Site Address
  • Assigned Users

Searching multiple Job Properties:

The search checks multiple Job properties at the same time.

To find all Jobs for user Paul King at the address 11 Teapot Studios, you could combined both queries into one as follows:

Are results hidden because of your current filters?

If any search results are hidden because of the current filters, you'll see a message like this:

Note: In this example there are some completed jobs for Paul King –  but they don't match the current incomplete jobs filter.

After clicking remove filters, all jobs for Paul King are now shown in the results.

Resetting your search query:

When you have an active search query, you'll see a "Reset" button like the one shown below.

Click this button to remove all filters and revert to the default view.