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There are a few ways to add PAS 79 risks to your fire risk assessments. The method you choose will depend on how you perform fire risk assessments.

Start by browsing to the 'Inspection and Action Plan' section of the Mobile App; this is where you'll create the risks.

Option 1: Add All PAS 79 Risks

This is the fastest data collection method if you intend to work through all (or most of) the risks in the PAS 79 standard.

This template includes a Preset that allows you to add all PAS 79 risks in one go. You can then delete any risks that you don't want to include on the final report.

  1. Select 'Add Preset'
  2. Choose 'All PAS 79 Risks'
Adding all PAS 79 risks using a Preset

Option 2: Add PAS 79 Risks for Specific Hazard Categories

This will be the fastest data collection approach if you only want to add risks for a few specific hazard categories.

This template includes Presets that allow you to add PAS 79 risks for a specific hazard category.

  1. Select 'Add Preset'
  2. Choose the relevant Hazard category (this will add all PAS 79 risks relating to that category)
Adding PAS 79 risks for a specific hazard category using a Preset

Option 3: Add Fire Risks Individually

This will be the most time-consuming approach if you expect to add all of the PAS 79 risks. But if you only intend to add specific ones, for example, just the non-compliances you find, this is a good option.

This template includes a Quick Fill so you can rapidly add individual PAS 79 risks without having to remember the exact wording from the standard.

Adding PAS 79 risks using Quick Fills