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Mastering Flow Mobile

Software by The King Brothers 🔥

There are two parts to Flow Mobile Surveying:

💻 The Dashboard
Used for office-based work; e.g. scheduling jobs and printing reports.

📱 The Mobile App
Used for site-based work; e.g. collecting survey data

To create your first reports, you'll use both the Dashboard and the Mobile App. Let's run through the process from start to finish.

💡 We recommend conducting a dummy survey to understand how everything works!

Step 1 - Register

Before anything else, Register a User Account.

Step 2 - Schedule a job

There's one more thing to do before going on-site.

You'll need to Schedule a Job Using the Dashboard.

Step 3 - Download the mobile app

Now it's time to switch over to the Flow mobile app – you'll use this to carry out the actual survey.

1. Install the Mobile App onto your phone or tablet.

2. Login using the same details you registered with on the Dashboard.

Step 4 - Collect data on-site

You're ready to start collecting survey data on-site.

1. Create a Report.

2. Collect survey data on-site (the process will depend on your Report Template).

Step 5 - Finalise the report

Complete any office-based work and prepare the report for issue.

1. Quality Control.

2. Preview the Report.

3. Download a PDF Report or Share the Report URL with your client.

Next steps

Not sure what to do next?

Schedule a Report Review and we'll start customising your workflow and templates.