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Mastering Flow Mobile

Software by The King Brothers 🔥

There are two parts to Flow Mobile Surveying:

💻 The Dashboard
Used for office-based work; e.g. scheduling jobs and printing reports.

📱 The Mobile App
Used for site-based work; e.g. collecting survey data.

To create your first reports, you'll use both the Dashboard and the Mobile App. Let's run through the process from start to finish.

💡 We recommend you try a dummy survey of your house or office to understand how everything works.

Step 1 - Register your user

The first thing you'll need to do is register a user account on the Dashboard. You'll use the same email and password to login into the Mobile App later.

Step 2 - Schedule a job

Before carrying out your survey it's a good idea to schedule a job using the Dashboard.

Step 3 - Download the Mobile App

Now it's time to switch over to the Flow Mobile App which you'll use to perform your on-site survey.

1. Install the Mobile App onto your phone or tablet device.

2. Login using the same details you registered with on the Dashboard.

Step 4 - Collect survey data on-site

You're ready to start collecting survey data on-site.

1. Create a report.

2. Use your mobile device to collect survey data (the process will depend on your report template).

Step 5 - Finalise the report

Complete any office-based work and prepare the report for issue.

1. Preview the Report.

2. Download a PDF Report or Share the Report URL with your client.

Next steps

Unsure what to do next? Why not schedule a meeting and we'll run through any additional training you need.