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When working with subcontractors, you'll want to make sure that their reports match your reporting style.

And since the subcontractor may be a local competitor, you'll probably want to restrict access to your Dashboard, to prevent them from seeing your full client list.

Generally speaking, you'll want to give the subcontractor enough access to do their job, but not enough to go snooping. You can do this by giving them Mobile access only, and only assigning them to the relevant jobs.

At the end of the project, you can revoke their access.

How to invite subcontractors

You can add subcontractors like any regular user.

1. Browse to the Users page.

2. Select Add User.

3. Complete the new user form.

💡 Note: When assigning access levels, you can limit permissions to 'Mobile Access' only. This will allow the subcontractor to collect data on-site but not view your Dashboard. Without 'Dashboard' access, they'll only be able to see jobs on the Mobile App which you've assigned them to.
Assigning a subcontractor mobile-only access will allow them to collect survey data on-site without seeing your client list
Mobile-only permissions for a subcontractor

4. Click Save.

Learn more about Inviting Users to your Team and Setting User Permissions.