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We understand that our clients may have quiet spells. Perhaps you're subcontracting to another company or taking a break from work, and you're not using our software right now.

Whatever the reason, we don't want you paying for Flow if you're not getting value. So, we encourage you to pause your subscription to save money in these cases.

💡 Note: Only users with 'Admin' permission can pause a subscription. Learn more about user permissions.

Will I be penalised for pausing my subscription?

No, you won't be penalised for pausing your subscription. You can pause and resume your subscription at any time, and your data will remain intact, exactly as you left it!

How to pause your subscription

You can pause your subscription via the Dashboard:

1. Log into the Dashboard.

2. Click on Billing.

3. Click 'Cancel Subscription'.

Cancel Subscription link
💡 We'd love any insights about why you paused your account so we can improve our product and service.

What happens when you pause your subscription?

At the end of your current billing period:

  • You'll revert to the Demo Plan.
  • Your team will revert to the Demo Plan.
  • All reports will have watermarks that say "Created with a Trial Version".
  • Your data will remain intact.
  • You won't be charged anymore.

How to resume your subscription

To resume your subscription you can re-subscribe to the paid plan anytime.

Learn more about Upgrading to a Paid Plan.