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Mastering Flow Mobile

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Upgrading your account to a Paid Plan unlocks the power of Flow Mobile Surveying and gives you access to all premium features.

Your account can be upgraded or downgraded at any time without penalties.

Why upgrade to the paid plan?

  • No Report Watermarks
    On the Demo Plan, reports have watermarks, making them unsuitable for sending to your clients. Upgrading your account removes these watermarks.
  • Personalised Training and Friendly Support
    Get access to our online training resources or ask our team to give you one-to-one training. Speak to our friendly team by email or telephone any time you need help.
  • Template Customisations / Report Reviews
    Our experienced staff will customise your templates free of charge. And we can review your first reports with you.
  • Cover Page Design Service
    You can work with our brand expert to create a Custom Cover Page for your business.
  • Unlimited Reports
    Create unlimited reports at no extra cost.

How to upgrade your account

1. Log in to the Dashboard.

2. Click on Billing.

Note: The Billing page is only available to 'Admin' users. Learn more about User Permissions.
Access the billing page from the dashboard menu, highlighted in this image
Click the 'Billing' button to view billing page.

3. Review the number of Licences.

4. Select Upgrade to Paid Plan.

5. Complete the Checkout Form and click Subscribe.

Note: Alternatively, send the payment link to whoever is responsible for managing payments.


Follow the steps above to upgrade to a paid plan and level up your report turnaround time 💪 We'll handle your payments automatically once you've subscribed to a paid plan.