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You can create unscheduled jobs when you don't know when the site work will begin.

Perhaps you've received a job opportunity from a client but still need to work out the specific details. In these cases, you can log an unscheduled job, so you remember to follow up.

How to create unscheduled jobs

Creating unscheduled jobs is similar to Creating Scheduled Jobs on The Dashboard but you don't enter a Site Work date.

1. Browse to the Dashboard.

2. Click Create Job.

3. Complete the form – but leave the Site Work date blank.

4. Save the form.

Creating an unscheduled job
Creating an unscheduled job

Finding unscheduled jobs

To view all unscheduled jobs in the Dashboard:

1. Navigate to the Jobs List.

2. Change the dropdown to "unscheduled jobs".

3. With this filter applied, the jobs list will only show jobs without a Site Work date.

Scheduling unscheduled jobs

Once you know when the site work is due to take place, you can transform your unscheduled job into a scheduled job by adding the Site Work date:

1. Edit the job.

2. Complete the Site Work field.

3. Save the job.

The job is now scheduled. It will be visible on the Mobile App for users with mobile access who have been assigned to the job.

Alternatively, if the job never actually took place, you can archive the job instead.


In this article we explained how to create unscheduled jobs in cases where the Site Work date is not known.

Then we showed how to turn an unscheduled job into a scheduled job to make it visible on the Mobile App.