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If you have images that are "awaiting upload", don't panic. The images should still be on your mobile device, they just haven't been uploaded yet.

You may need to check your internet connection or Mobile App settings. Prolonged offline working can also cause media to appear "stuck", so you may need to give the images a little nudge – we'll explain how to do that in this guide.

Try running through the following steps to get your images moving again.

Step 1: Check your internet connection

1. Check that you have an internet connection on your device (try opening a web page and see if it loads ok).

2. Make sure Airplane Mode is "off".

3. Connect to Wi-Fi if possible.

Step 2: Turn Media Uploads "on"

When images are awaiting upload on the Mobile App, you'll see them on the Media Uploads page:

The Mobile App has an option to turn off media uploads to preserve your data plan. So make sure that the Media Uploads setting within the app is turned "on".

1. Log in to the Mobile App.

2. Tap the Menu Icon.

3. Tap Media Uploads.

4. Toggle Enable Media Uploads to "on"

Resume media uploads.

Read this article on Pausing and resuming image uploads.

Step 3: Manually refresh media uploads

If the Mobile App has been unable to upload an image 5 times it stops attempting to sync them until manually prompted by the User.

1. Log in to the Mobile App.

2. Tap the Menu Icon.

3. Tap Media Uploads.

4. Tap the Refresh Icon. 

Manually refresh media uploads.

Assuming you have an internet connection, the Mobile App should immediately upload the images.

Step 4: Fully restart the Mobile App

If the steps above fail to upload the images, follow the instructions below to close your Mobile App session fully:

1. Fully Restart The Mobile App.

2. Check the 'Media Uploads' page to see if uploads have resumed.

Note: Simply closing and reopening the app isn't enough - the app will still be running in the background. So make sure you follow the instructions above.
Note: Uploads may take a minute to resume, so please be patient.

Step 5: Get in touch

If all else fails, get in touch, and we'll take a look for you.

But to save us some time, please make sure you've tried all the suggested steps above first.