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Sorry to hear that you've decided to leave. I hope you found our service valuable!

Cancelling your account

You can cancel and resume your Paid Plan at any time.

There are no penalties for cancelling your account, and we don't tie you into any long term contracts.

We understand there are many reasons that companies cancel their software. So we don't take it personally when our clients leave 😉

How to cancel your account:

There's currently no way to cancel your account via the dashboard so you'll need to get in touch.

1. Raise a support ticket.

2. Explain that you want to cancel your subscription.

3. We'll do the rest!

Note: We'd love any insights about why you cancelled so we can improve our product.

What happens when you cancel your subscription?

At the end of your current billing period:

  • You'll revert to the Demo Plan.
  • Reports will have a watermark that says 'Created with a Trial Version'.
  • Your data will remain intact.
  • We won't take any further payments.

Can I resume my account?

Yes, you can Upgrade to the Paid Plan again at any time.

Thank you, and all the best!

We're grateful to you for choosing our software for your reporting.

Thanks for being a valued client and for any feedback you've given us. It's been an honour to serve you 🙏🏻

All the best in your future endeavours!