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Mastering Flow Mobile

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There are two parts to Flow Mobile Surveying - the Dashboard and the Mobile App.

This training guide covers the key topics you'll need to know as a Dashboard user. You'll use the Dashboard to schedule jobs, complete quality control checks, and create reports.

Before you start this training, you should:

1. Register your User.

2. Bookmark the Dashboard.

Scheduling Jobs

Before your inspectors go on-site to collect data using the Mobile App, you'll use the Dashboard to schedule Jobs.

1. Creating Jobs on the Dashboard.

Note: Mobile users can create Draft Jobs.

2. Understanding Projects.

3. Pinpointing the Site Address.

4. What are Pipelines?

5. Assigning Surveyors to Jobs.

6. Searching for Jobs.

7. Archiving Jobs.

Site Work (Mobile App users)

Once you've scheduled a job, your team will be able to carry out their on-site inspections using the Mobile App.

You can watch them working in real-time, as data is automatically synced between the Mobile App and Dashboard!

Why Can't Inspectors See a Job on Their Mobile Device?


After the job is complete, it's time to get your reports ready for your client.

1. Adding a Report to a Job (Mobile users can add reports, too).

2. Understanding Report Layouts.

3. Previewing Reports.

4. Downloading Reports as a PDF.

5. Sharing a Report URL with Clients.

6. Copying Reports / Re-inspections.

7. Uploading PDF files to Reports.

8. Resolving Quality Control Messages.

Getting Support

Hopefully, we covered the main topics here. But if you need further help, try searching our knowledge base or get in touch, and we'll be happy to help.

1. Knowledgebase.

2. Raising Support Tickets.